Downloading new software to take the focus off my head!

So, to avoid creating something I decided to look at what’s happening in the tweeting world. I found a tweet by the CreativeBloq team and proceeded to download the software because I couldn’t decided whether to go out and look for a new washing machine or do something more productive like finish painting the carport – more things to take the focus off being more creative! What is it with this? That I feel I must be continuously creative?

This software looks amazing! Perhaps a steep learning curve even for a seasonsed teacher who uses Adobe on a daily basis. Something to keep the juices flowing and anything to keep me from truly being the master of any one topic, subject or field!


Is playing a kids xylophone or moving books good for a woman in a mid-life, unproductive-life crisis?

Tra la la, tra la la la .. I bought it at a charity fete. It’s missing flats and a few majors too. It’s made of porcelain and when gently and correctly tapped, the bars of the xylophone make a lovely reverberating chime like church bells. It’s quite a lovely sound for a kids instrument.

The dilemma is that I feel a slight ping of contrition when I play them. Perhaps its because of what I wrote about yesterday, in that they are a /kids/ instrument [and I ‘should’ be getting serious and ‘more adult’ about things at my age]. Perhaps it feels like it’s because I’m playing basic songs [and the thought of practicing like I was forced to when I was a pre-teenager seems painful and constricting]; or perhaps its that the authoritative father voice still lingers after all these years telling me to do something more productive with my life. I think all of the above.

And so, I end up bringing out two book shelves hubby made to house the copious unread books I have accumulated over the years. I place a selection of Computer Arts magazines and books on typography and colour into them.

This seemed like a better and easier task to set myself than to play bad chimes on the xylophone. However, the choice of which books and magazines to put into the book shelves almost caused me a melt down – another one! I wondered how it could be that a grown woman can not only move book shelves and books in and out of a room several times [in any given month] but be at odds with which books to select for that manoeuvre to the point of a melt down!

When I’m like this, it’s as if I’m viewing someone else from above. I nod my head as I review the feelings that arose as they happened. Feelings of “what the hell am I doing this for again?”. Or,“why can’t I leave the book shelves and books as they are, in the one spot, period?”. And “what the hell, Luise! This is the third time this month you’ve moved these books in and out of the spare room into your studio. For Christ’s sake, paint, create, write, do something!”

So, that’s what I did. I came and wrote about it here. Lately, I’ve found an increasing desire to release my internal dialogue onto a page [of writing, not paint unfortunately]. Something is calling me to write down the crazy insights, the weird musings and just general boring information my subconscious acknowledges no one would likely want to read but for the sake of my existentialistic needs, I’ll do for the heck of it anyway.
I’m hoping that this somewhat aimless writing at least, will be good for a woman’s mid-life, unproductive-life crisis.

What’s so f’ing hard about this? I’ve got the skills, I’ve got the eye, I’ve even got the money..

Today I thought about how everything I’m doing and have done feels “junior” and how it’s about time I grew up and started completing some serious ‘adult’ work. After all, I’m the tender age of 48, turning 49 in a few weeks – ‘bout time right?

Hm ..

I’ve continually dreamt of my pre-pubescent days of the ease and simplicity of that dreamy, child-like state where I would create art for no reason or rhyme, where I would get lost in painting, drawing, imagining and have no qualms about it all – it would just happen and I’d be happy with my rock painting of a wintery scene copied from a Christmas card received from a distant relative I knew nothing about let alone being able to grasp the concept of someone living over 10,000 miles away.

And so, instead of being creative, using the skills I have always had and conjuring up some mad, exciting project that I can dive in with all my heart and soul where all I crave is creativity rather than the insatiable need for comfort food, hugs and chilled jazz music – I insist on continuing to tidy and rearrange my studio, put things in order as I was instructed when I was young [and did even then] and listen to chilled jazz music!

An unusual bug lands on my computer screen. It’s head is orange and under a magnifying glass I am inspired. But, not enough to do anything about it. I am quick to think of many ideas I could do with this bug – turn him into a cartoon character, give him a name and match box home with another unusual bug to see what happens, put him under a miscoscope .. but then I’ve always been great at conjuring, imagining and coming up with ideas – but when it comes to fulfilling any of these ideas ..

That’s what I find so fucking hard. Picking an idea, feeling the passion surrounding it, knowing it’s what many people term ‘what I’ve been put on this planet to achieve’ and then of course, the peace du resistance, going for it, seeing that idea come to fruition.

So, I find myself tired just from thinking about all that. My bum is aching from all the sitting I do and have been doing. So, like all my great ideas, I’ll dump this note right here and carry on with my subliminal streams of consciousness and dialogue tomorrow.

Captured in the storm

After a successful brainstorming session with my diploma in web development students, one of my students passed on a moment capturing our ‘storming’. Today, I had another session with my certificate IV web development students and it occurred to me that the days of ‘storming’, ideas generating and graphic design development are some of my best! Thank you to all my dedicated and hard working students for making my day[s].

Luise Grice brainstorming

Mens Shed Extension

Today I started filming the extension of the Nowra Mens shed. I was invited to film the project to show the dedication and hard work that retiree veterans will be putting into extending the shed.

The extension will provide veterans of the community with more workshop space and lunch and rest facilities. Regulars of the shed Graham, Bill, Kevin and Frank will all be involved in seeing the extension to fruition .. but a lot of hard work is yet to come. The following are some preliminary shots:

Footings dug Prep for concrete pour Prep for concrete pour

The shed lays on the Jim da Silva Farm Nowra and is a joint venture of the St Vincent de Paul Society and the NSW Department of Housing.


Mending a ‘love-hate’ relationship

As a TAFE teacher, this time of the year poses a threat to a love-hate relationship I have with technology. The ‘can’t-live-without-it’ regime of keyboard thrashing, internet hashing and hash tagging. It’s a hard one to shift but after a month an a half of school holidays and a self-imposed ban on Mac, iPad and iPhone .. some good has come.

After several home maintanence jobs, finishing a novel abandoned months ago, and sitting with my ideas .. the creative juices have begun to flow freely again and the commonly known love-hate relationship with all things technology has dissapted.  Instead of psycho-mania causing reading of bits and pieces of design books, sporadic web articles and snippets of tweets, creativity and ideas have surfaced!

For example an idea for a children’s book was ‘regurgitated’. It is [currently] called A frog and a dog. Below is the work in progress so far and an initial draft of the proposed front cover:

IMG_1892 frog dog

It is a story about an unhappy dog who meets a guru-type frog who helps the dog to become happy again. A bit of a familiar story but one that never goes astray [pun intended]. A story board has been written for the book and the next steps will be to nut out the details of each page within the book.


Given that I often start projects but rarely finished them [unless someone with greater authority over sees them and is there to give me a gentle rearend nudge], it is hoped that publishing the progress of the book on the web will bring about a renewed urgency for project completion. Therefore, any comments for inspiration to attain this are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy the progress of A frog and a dog.

The images shown above have been created and drawn by Luise Grice and are the property of Luise Grice.

Class of 2014

It’s the end of another academic year and I really wanted to do something to finish the year with more than just a ‘good bye and good luck’. Each and every student who finishes this year’s design class will have created some interesting and thoughtful designs. I wanted to celebrate all their hard work without making it hard for them to leave the room [due to potential cranial expansion].

So, I created a short ‘trailer-like’ video showcasing their earlier works and the their later graphic designs that ended up inside their finished web sites.


I am a teacher and designer of visual and media arts.

My site showcases some of my illustration and hand-drawn designs. Most of my imagery has been created by hand using a strong sense of imagination, whilst incorporating ideas from print media, television and everyday objects.

I usually develop my creations using various sketching techniques and ocassionally converting them into digital art using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Check out my site and feel free to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy ..