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Captured in the storm

After a successful brainstorming session with my diploma in web development students, one of my students passed on a moment capturing our ‘storming’. Today, I had another session with my certificate IV web development students and it occurred to me that the days of ‘storming’, ideas generating and graphic design development are some of my best! Thank you to all my dedicated and hard working students for making my day[s].

Luise Grice brainstorming

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Graphic Design Diploma


Somehow, even after two uni degrees, this one seems to take the cake – a Graphic Design Diploma!

Is it that it is more aligned to my role of teaching design? Perhaps the timing is right? Or more likely it is simply that I have found my calling? None the less, this one will be taking pride of place in my studio! I can’t wait to take it to the next level .. but will little ole Nowra TAFE [even Wollongong TAFE] offer that level? No, they don’t.

Well then, perhaps it’s time I made use of the skills I’ve learned and created something satisfying and worthwhile? Like some of the work I created for the diploma.

Dip Graphic Design