Wood work

A few years back I acquired a scroll saw by which I never knew I would create some of the most satisfying pieces of art. Each piece I create begins with an idea, then some sketching which I transfer to a carefully selected piece of wood. The wood is then cut painstakingly by manipulating the scroll saw to make intricate cuts in the wood to achieve the intricate designs you will see below.

The process where ideas and sketches no longer finish on paper fascinates and inspires me mostly since I get to see ideas coming to life in a three-dimensional form.


The making of the coat of arms

an example of the process

Three images showing the typical progression of my scroll saw projects.

In the above bird-in-flight project, I created a detailed sketch of a bird which was inspired by reference I took from the internet. I then transferred the image on to wood using good old fashioned carbon paper with a few hand-eye refinements.

I then cut one small segment out at a time, sanding each piece as I went to refine the edges. In this case I have used maple which is a soft wood which makes it useful for refined cutting. I then placed each piece of maple on a routed pine board to check they all fit together according to my original sketch. I then painstakingly glued each piece of wood onto the board. The piece was then finished with two coats of clear varnish with a sanding in between coats. A wire was attached to the rear of the round backing board for easy hanging.

Other WOOD WORK projects