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My latest art series explores the effects of the hand, particularly at war. The collection exhibited at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, HMAS Albatross NSW in December 2021 to February 2022.
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I can help you kick your business or creative goals. From learning how to draw, to creating websites or graphic designs. I have the expertise and tools to show you how!


Rooms As Tombs

This montage series titled Rooms as Tombs was created by photographing and editing photos I took and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.

The series was created during my Honours Degree to raise awareness of how art can be useful in healing human inflictions.

The series has exhibited at Deakin University Arts Centre, Melbourne VIC and Shoalhaven City Arts Centre, Nowra NSW. I was awarded a lifetime membership to the Golden Key International Society  for outstanding achievement during it’s completing for an honours degree at Deakin University.

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